Announcement-109 Student Paper Award Nov. 11 - Dec. 11 Open Application

Poster:Hermia HoPost date:2020-10-12
Student Thesis Award Application Process

1.Submit application on line (http://rdsys.tmu.edu.tw/SUARPA/Forms/LoginPage.aspx)
2.Verification by advisor and department chairman
3.Verification by Research and Development Conference
4.Applicants will be notified by e-mail

Application Details for Best Student Thesis Award

1.The deadline for application and document submission is December 11, 2020.
2.Applicants should be current TMU students whose research results are published in the name of Taipei Medical University in SCI, SSCI, EI or A&HCI journals with the student as first author and instructor as corresponding author.
3.Applicants can apply with up to three papers published in each year, with a one-time award for each paper. 
4.The publication date for the paper should be within the 2020 calendar year.

5.The attached files should be clearly identifiable and attached in the following order:

(1)International students should also attach passport and residence permit photocopy.
(2)Photocopy of the cover of bank account passbook.
(3)Impact factor for SCI, best ranking and proof from relevant academic field: Please refer to 2019 SCI Journal Citation Report. The published thesis on SSCI, EI, and A&HCI and other journals should attached academic proof from relevant academic field.
(4)The original paper, reprint, galley proofs, and letter of acceptance.
Please highlight for annotation on the paper: the first author, equal contributor, corresponding author, school, publication date, journal name, field of research, impact factor, best ranking, volume number and pages.
(5)New graduates and postdoctoral researchers should attach certificate of graduation. If there are first authors in equal contribution or other authors, their student IDs should be uploaded as well.
6The scholarship amount will be half of the amount of professor’s research award. (This award should be divided by the number of first authors, except for those who all are TMU students.)
7If the amount of the award exceeds the annual budget, each award will be reduced proportionately.
8The awards for postdoctoral researchers are calculated according to the student rates.
9Letters to the editor and commentary articles are not eligible.
10Please refer to rules and regulations regarding Best Student Paper Award and Academic Research Awards of Taipei Medical University Affiliated Hospitals.
11Please press save and send after filling in the information to complete the procedure.
12Please contact R&D Office if you have questions (Ms. Chen, 02-2736-1661, ex. 7114).
13Please consult the Office of Information Services with any system operation problems (Mr. Sheng, 02-66382736, ex. 1611).
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